Interactive Media Web Activity
The Death of Princess Diana

This activity will help you practice your vocabulary, reading, and writing. When you click on an answer, look at the top of this page to find out if your answer is correct. Your score for this activity will also appear at the top of the page.

Part One: Thinking about the Topic

Think about your answers to the following questions.

In your opinion, who killed Princess Diana?
Should we limit how the media gets information about famous people?
Part Two: Vocabulary

1) After Diana’s death, many people believed that the paparazzi had blood on their hands. With which phrase can you replace the underlined words?

A murdered Diana

B were responsible for Diana’s death

C touched Diana’s body after she died.

D needed to wash their hands.
2) Which of the following people does NOT work for the media?

A a network chief

B an earl

C a columnist

D an editor
Part Three: Writing
Now, write down your opinion on Princess Diana. If you’re not sure what to say, go back to Part One of this activity and respond to one of those questions.

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