Applications of Geometry

Despite all of the different subject areas of mathematics that exist, perhaps geometry
has the most profound impact on our everyday lives. Consider the environment you
are in right now. Everything around you has a shape, volume, surface area, location,
and other physical properties. Since its origins, geometry has significantly impacted
the ways people live.

Common Applications of Geometry

While we may not immediately think “geometry” when we perform everyday tasks, geometry
is all around us. For instance, stop signs have the shape of an octagon, fish tanks
must be carefully filled so as to prevent overflowing, and gifts need a certain
amount of wrapping paper to look nice, just to name a few real-life applications.
In this geometry section, you will learn many more applications of geometry that
you can use on an everyday basis.

Advanced Applications of Geometry

As we find ourselves in a dynamic, technologically-driven society, geometry is becoming
a subject of increasing importance. For example, molecular modeling is a growing
field that requires an understanding of various arrangements of spheres as well
as the ability to compute molecular properties like volume and topology. Architecture
is another major application of geometry. The construction of a building and the
structure of its components are important to consider in order to maximize building
safety. Robot motion planning uses a subarea of computational geometry that focuses
on the control of robot movement. Other advanced applications of geometry include:

Biochemical Modeling


Timber Processing

Computer Graphics

Textile Layout

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